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Study 2 semesters online at SRH Distance Learning University plus 4 semesters at SRH University Heidelberg (Germany) and get a full German Bachelor's Degree. Get a job-seeking VISA to Germany after graduation and get an employment in Europe using our Job-Placement-Platform!

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What's inside?

The current Covid-19 pandemic prevents many international students from attending higher education in Germany. In order to facilitate the entry of foreign students to higher education offers in Germany, the innovative “Bridge to Germany” offers a hybrid study program combining online and presence-learning education.

Think global: That's what we do in the International Business degree program - and open up the possibility for you to seize international career opportunities or take the step into self-employment. The secret of this program is that it is taught entirely in English, has a solid foundation in business administration, and also has an international focus with study abroad, internships abroad, a network of international students, and international guest professors. Experience studying in small groups and a direct exchange with the lecturers: a very special atmosphere from which you will benefit long after your studies. In addition, you also have the choice of opting for a dual-degree program: Choose one of the programs, study at a partner university and gain valuable experience abroad combined with a second degree - an ideal qualification for your dream job in the international job market.

Our education is based on the CORE principle, which stands for "Competence Oriented Research and Education". The study model places active and independent learning at the center. Over the course of their program, our students acquire comprehensive knowledge and learn how to apply it optimally. The lecturers who accompany them bring in their work experience to act as mentors and guarantee application-oriented teaching. This results in an inspiring learning environment which benefits the students, their teachers and future employers.

Business Administration • Human Resources • Marketing • Operations Management • International Law • Accounting • Business Mathematics & Simulation • Micro- & Macro Economics • International Taxation and Statistics

Academic Degree: Bachelor of Arts in International Business by SRH Hochschule Heidelberg (180 ECTS).

Legal Base/Accreditation: The degree program in International Business at SRH Distance Learning University & SRH University Heidelberg is a 3-year full-time program with 180 European credit points, after which students graduate with a state-recognized degree in “Betriebswirtschaft/ International Business (Bachelor of Arts)". The study programme provides a high-quality university degree which is accredited under German law. The focus of this Bachelors’ level programme is on applying theoretical knowledge and concepts to real-life business settings.

Duration of Study: 6 Semesters with three study cycle options. Study Option A (Standard): 2 Semesters Distance Learning on the e-Campus of SRH Distance Learning University + 2 Semesters of Onsite Learning on the Campus of SRH Heidelberg (Germany) + 2 Semesters of Internship and Study Abroad. Study Option B: 4 Semesters Distance Learning on the e-Campus of SRH Distance Learning University + 2 Semesters of Internship and Study Abroad. Study Option C:  4 Semesters of Onsite Learning on the Campus of SRH Heidelberg (Germany) + 2 Semesters of Internship and Study Abroad.

Language of Instruction: English

Total Price: 299 Million IDR

Academic Year: 

Even Semester (01. April - 30. September) 

Odd Semester (1. October-31. March)

Duration of a lecture: 120 minutes

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Our goal is for you to successfully complete your degree and live your life without any worries, allowing you to start on the next chapter of your life – confidently and independently. Passion for this goal drives our work. Every single day.

The Content in detail

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The Accounting module deals with questions about a company’s internal and external flow of services and how to display them. Students are enabled to provide relevant accounting information and to assess existing information. They learn to differentiate between different points of view: students approach some example cases from the perspective of a decision maker within an organization and in other cases they represent an external third party who analyses and systematizes information about economic success to make scientifically sound decisions on that basis.

This study module aims at strengthening student ability to understand and apply English language in areas of economics and business management. The curriculum includes training of comprehension in English business terms. The emphasis is on English reading of business topics relevant in enterprise management. While this module does not intend to improve general language proficiency in English, it will help strengthen and deepen students’ knowledge of specialized expressions used in business English as these are featured in the study material provided.

Business Mathematics
Upon successful completion of the module, students will be able to master the basic mathematical skills they need for a degree in Business Administration. Students grasp and develop the mathematical methods and concepts presented in the course by applying independently and actively what they have learned in order to solve mathematical tasks. It will encourage students to apply analytical approaches to problem- solving in a broader, non-mathematical, context.
Introduction to Business Administration
In this module, students learn to what extent business administration is to be understood as action-oriented and application-oriented management theory. In addition, in combination with the module empirical research, students learn how questionnaires and interviews can be used as ways of gaining scientific knowledge.After successfully completing the module, students can answer business questions using empirical research methods and procedures.
With this module students will gain a deeper understanding of basic intercultural concepts and theories. They should be able to assess their own cultural background against different cultures and become aware of the cultural influences.
Students will develop a deeper understanding of the cultural differences between regions and countries and will be able to examine and analyze these differences.Learning results are checked by means of a written exam. Passing the exam requires students to study and understand the theoretical aspects of intercultural management and to apply these to specific practical cases.
Production & Logistics Concepts
The module provides basic knowledge of production and logistics. In order to ensure effective and efficient production and logistics in an industrial company, different principles, methods and measures exist for planning, designing and controlling the production and logistics of industrial goods.
Furthermore, an experimental-scientific depth of the study contents is achieved through the practical application of the haptic business game (lean management/production and logistics control).

Based on this critical approach to marketing, students learn to deal with tasks in the light of the particularities of an industry or situational requirements, by using different analyzes and marketing concepts. Students demonstrate this ability by independent research creating a subsequent presentation of the results. Learning outcomes are assessed with an online presentation (20 slides).
In addition to developing a detailed and critical understanding of selected areas of marketing through the integration of theoretical concepts and empirical insights, as well as their application to concrete operational issues, students also improve their instrumental and systemic skills and learn to deal with complex issues, while taking into account that not all information is available for the problem-solving process.

Case Studies in MANAGEMENT

This module enables students to play an active role in the context of decisions about the operations of companies that need to be taken when they expand internationally. That includes decisions about the size and structure of human resources, the types of international locations and logistics networks to be used, and ways to optimize financial performances and mitigate financial risks stemming from international business operations.
Online seminars are provided to discuss elements of international operations and related management decisions in human resources, logistics and finance, complemented by podcasts. Further interaction of students is facilitated through an online forum and they have the ability to consult with the responsible lecturers bilaterally.

Personnel & Organisation

In this module, students learn relevant fundamentals of human resource management and organizational design from theoretical-empirical and application-oriented perspectives.
Thus, after successful completion of the module, students will be able to view organizations not only in their individual functional parts, but systematically incorporate management, social or cultural science perspectives in order to understand organizations as systems in their purpose-oriented totality. Furthermore, students are prepared for the reflexive handling of management, project management or consulting tasks in the fields of human resources and organization.

This course provides an introduction to a broad range of economic concepts, theories and analytical techniques. It considers the microeconomic foundation of macroeconomics - the analysis of choices made by individual decision-making units (households and firms) - and macroeconomics - the analysis of the economy as a whole. The use of a market, supply and demand, model will be the fundamental model in which trade-offs and choices will be considered through comparison of costs and benefits of actions. Production and market structure will be analyzed at the firm level. Macroeconomic issues regarding the interaction of goods and services markets, labor and money at an aggregate level will be modelled. The role of government policy to address microeconomic market failures and macroeconomic objectives will be examined.
International Accounting
The module “International Accounting” provides an introduction to the framework, concepts and practices associated with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). Students will obtain a fundamental understanding of accounting. The role and use of accounting information by external decision makers will be emphasized. Students will perform an in-depth analysis of financial statements and annual reports.
On successful completion of the course, students should be able to understand and to use financial statements that are based on IFRS.
By successfully completing the course, students will develop a good understanding of the management role in an organization’s sales function, and the contribution required of sales managers to lead teams that achieve their potential in today’s fast-changing business environment.
Students will acquire a detailed knowledge of the multifarious tasks and responsibilities of the management role which they will apply to the activities of a typical company, analyzing and recommending sales management improvements to a senior company team.
Cost and Performance Accounting
Learn about Subsystems of Accounting, External vs. Internal accounting, Cost and activity accounting,Definitions (cost/activity), Delimitation of accounting terms, Cost categories,Cost function, Principles of cost allocation, Budgeting, Standard Costing, Profit Variance Analysis,Accounting Control Systems, Cost center accounting, Cost unit accounting, Order costing and much more.
Corporate Finance
Learn about statistical capital investment methods,Introduction to cash flow-oriented approaches, Dynamic investment methods, Cost comparison method, critical load factor,Profit comparison method (break-even analysis), Payback analysis, Average return method,Net present value method, Annuity method, Forms of financing, Financing under given degrees of uncertainty, Investment and financing under uncertainty and much more.
International Taxation
The course examines the importance of international tax laws for all kinds of for-profit organizations and individuals. It provides insights in the general principles of international taxation (income taxes) following the OECD rules. The OECD rules are applied by most industrialized countries and can be regarded as the international standard. By focusing on the OECD rules it is ensured that students are enabled to transfer their knowledge to individual transactions between two different countries.
Management Information Systems
Information systems and other technologies have changed how companies work. They create both opportunities and challenges and the course deals with the most important ones, especially with regards to the automation of internal processes, integration with suppliers and customers, the selection/development of standard/individual software, the further development/creation of existing/new business models, and current trends in the Web.
The course deals with the basics of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial thinking. It provides insights in all necessary elements for a successful foundation. During the course the students have to work in teams on their own business ideas.
The module delivered combines lectures, group works, case studies and presentations. Thus, students train their social and personal skills throughout the entire five week block.
Study Abroad, Internship & Bachelor's Thesis
Study at any university abroad (24 ETCS, e.g. at IULI in BSD-City/Jakarta), do an internship in a company of your choice (24 ECTS, we help you to get one with our company network) and write your Bachelor's Thesis (12 ECTS) under supervision of a German Professor.

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Enrollment Conditions + Application Procedure

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Enrolment Schedule: We at the beginning of each quarter of the year. 

To get enrolled into the Study Program, you need to have: A High School Diploma and English Language knowledge at least on the level of B2 (>=5.5 IELTS / TOEFL>=72).

Step 1: Application
Send us an e-mail to with the subject 'BA IB' and all required documents, which are: 1. High School Diploma , 2. Family Card, 3. Birth Certificate and 4. English Language Certificate (If you don't have a certificate, we will test you for free and online at IULI).
Step 2: Entrance test

Our Admission Officer Diah Danuri will reach out to you to schedule a free Online Entrance Test. During the test we will evaluate your knowledge in Math, English and Aptitude.

Step 3: Enrolment
We will evaluate the results of your Entrance Test and check all your uploaded documents at IULI, SRH Distance Learning University and SRH University Heidelberg. You will receive an official Letter of Admission, if all documents are approved by all universities. Together with the Letter of Admission you will get an invoice and you have to pay the first semester fee.
At the beginning of your study you will get an extensive onboarding session, where our specialists from SRH & IULI will explain you all details of the study, the use of the e-Campus and some basic rules and obligations. 

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Why study International Business?

The international interdependence of economies as well as the interaction of regional economic systems has led to a considerable increase in multinational operating companies and organizations. These developments are considered in this course of study. The course is structured to develop logical sequences of Business Economics, Mathematics, Accounting, Finance and Social Sciences in which contributing disciplines are designed to be taught specially in an international context. There is a special focus on the interdisciplinary connection between economic content and social scientific aspects. The International Business study program aims to equip graduates with sufficient operational management ability, including entrepreneurial spirit and professionalism, to join various types of organizations, both profit-oriented, and non-profit oriented.

With every passing day, the business/companies are trying to surpass each other, provide the best services to their customers and achieve their goals. It’s a never-ending race of - to be the best and for this they need skilful, hardworking, and creative minds for more efficient business model, for management, marketing, supply chains, human resources, finance, smooth operations etc. You'll identify global and local market issues and come up with policy alternatives if you major in business administration. You will gain the skills necessary for a career in consulting or management with a global business by exploring foreign markets and negotiating with people from different cultures and nations.

What are the advantages of studying International Business?

In this degree program, Bachelor of International Business, we prepare our students to be the best fit amongst these companies/businesses to administrate more efficiently and compete at the global scale. You will research global issues businesses face, looking at international borders, commerce, global economics and how to negotiate with different cultures. This approach to problem solving will expand your world view and help you consider multiple viewpoints. Since the International Business is a common degree among international students, you can gain useful experience dealing with people even when you are studying. You will get the following necessary skills to perform not even at work but also in life:

- Polish your management and organizational capabilities
- Make your decisive and problem solver
- Enhance strategical thinking
- Teach you how to lead groups of people

Other than these, the major benefit you will get being a Bachelor of International Business is that there is dire need of graduates who understand the business models, strategies and finance, which means there are more opportunities to land on a good job even abroad.

Which career opportunities will I have with a Bachelor’s Degree in International Business?

At IULI, it is our upmost priority to teach the best content to our students and enable to excel the skills which are required in the professional field. After brief analysis and research, we cover all the important fields of study including analytical and creative thinking, human resource management, finance, marketing management, business research model, entrepreneurship and much more.

Many students are opting to study here at IULI each year, and it is a common destination for international students. The courses are structured to help students improve cross-cultural skills. Studying from skilled instructors and listening to a variety of viewpoints is an excellent way to prepare for the professional field.

This International Business study program can also give you the skills to create your own business, or to take on business and management roles within more creative industries, be that fashion, media, or even the charity sector. The good thing about a business studies qualification is that it can lead to many entry-level roles upon graduation, while still allowing those who wish to specialize further the chance to improve their return on investment with a graduate degree.

Advantages of studying International Business in Germany

By thoroughly reviewing and understanding the requirements of companies/businesses and market, we came to find out that international exposure could be very helpful for the students to grow rapidly and exploit their maximum potential. That’s why we are offering a Degree program for a Bachelor in International Business. We are in collaboration with well established and acknowledged German Universities and enable our students to get experience, knowledge and all the necessary skills from different people from different countries. This will not only help our students to learn the best skills and knowledge but also will be helpful to outperform while working in the professional life.

If you have any questions about our Bachelor study program in International Business, don’t hesitate to e-mail or call our student help center: or +62 852 123 18000. Click here to start a WhatsApp Chat.

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We are system-accredited and bear the quality seal of the Accreditation Council - for you this means: The top quality of the study programs and the recognition of all degrees are guaranteed. The quality seal of the Accreditation Council certifies that our university meets the highest standards in study and teaching. In addition, we are authorized to accredit our study programs independently and with the tested QM processes. You can therefore be sure that you will always complete an up-to-date, practice-oriented and methodically tested study program. And you have the assurance that we plan, teach and evaluate according to certified processes. *The Accreditation Council Foundation is a joint institution of the German states for quality assurance in teaching and learning at German universities.

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