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Study 2 semesters online at SRH Distance Learning University plus 1 semester at SRH Berlin University of Applied Sciences (Germany) and get a full German Master's Degree. Get a job-seeking VISA to Germany after graduation and get an employment in Europe using our Job-Placement-Platform!

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The current Covid-19 pandemic prevents many international students from attending higher education in Germany. In order to facilitate the entry of foreign students to higher education offers in Germany, the innovative “Bridge to Germany” offers a hybrid study program combining online and presence-learning education.

Think global: That's what we do in the Health Care Management degree program - and open up the possibility for you to seize international career opportunities or take the step into self-employment. The secret of this program is that it is taught entirely in English, has a solid foundation in business administration, and also has an international focus with study abroad, internships abroad, a network of international students, and international guest professors. Experience studying in small groups and a direct exchange with the lecturers: a very special atmosphere from which you will benefit long after your studies.

Our education is based on the CORE principle, which stands for "Competence Oriented Research and Education". The study model places active and independent learning at the center. Over the course of their program, our students acquire comprehensive knowledge and learn how to apply it optimally. The lecturers who accompany them bring in their work experience to act as mentors and guarantee application-oriented teaching. This results in an inspiring learning environment which benefits the students, their teachers and future employers.

Business Administration • Human Resources • Marketing • Operations Management • International Law • Accounting • Business Mathematics & Simulation • Micro- & Macro Economics • International Taxation and Statistics

Academic Degree: Master of Business Administration in Health Care Management by SRH Berlin University of Applied Sciences (90 ECTS).

Legal Base/Accreditation: The degree program in Health Care Management at SRH Distance Learning University & SRH Berlin University of Applied Sciences is a 1,5-year study program with 90 European credit points, after which students graduate with a state-recognized degree in “Health Care Management (Master of Business Administration)". The study programme provides a high-quality university degree which is accredited under German law. The focus of this Master’s level programme is on applying theoretical knowledge and concepts to real-life health care management settings.

Duration of Study: 2 Semesters with the following study cycle: 2 Semesters Distance Learning on the e-Campus of SRH Distance Learning University + 1 Semester of Onsite Learning on the Campus of SRH Berlin University of Applied Sciences (Germany).

Language of Instruction: English

Total Price: 178 Million IDR | 11.000 EUR

Academic Year: 

Even Semester (01. April - 30. September) 

Odd Semester (1. October-31. March)

Enrolment: April and October of each year

Duration of a lecture: 120 minutes

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SRH Distance Learning University

Germany's premier distance learning university, which is permanently government-accredited and no. 1 in student satisfaction in Germany in the years of 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022.

SRH Berlin University of Applied Sciences

Encouraging students from all over the world to translate their curiosity and passion into a career. Being committed to working with teachers in the search for new knowledge and to using inspiration, interaction and internationality to facilitate a change of perspective - that is what we stand for.

The Content in detail


General Business Administration
In this module, students learn to what extent business administration is to be understood as action-oriented and application-oriented management theory. In addition, in combination with the module empirical research, students learn how questionnaires and interviews can be used as ways of gaining scientific knowledge.After successfully completing the module, students can answer business questions using empirical research methods and procedures. Learning outcomes are assessed with a student paper, in which a practice-oriented business problem is to be solved using empirical research methods and procedures.
Human Capital Management

After studying this module students will be able to combine economic approaches to human capital management with contemporary practices in strategic human resource management. They learn how to align goals, methods and content of human capital measures, resulting in a balanced view of economic and social perspectives on the value of human capital.Using case studies and relevant literature the students practice their critical thinking regarding the challenges to measure intangible assets and to define measurable impact factors for human capital increase.

Elective I
Chose an Elective Module, based on your interests:

Accounting, Change Management, Financial Management & Corporate Decisions, International Business Law or Risk Management.

Organization in Healthcare
The overall objectives of the module are to create a profound knowledge of the relevant stakeholders and actors in healthcare systems in a global environment, to understand and analyze the potentially conflicting interests of the different actors and to critically reflect the existing models of organization of healthcare in different settings and countries.
Management of Healthcare Institutions
The tasks, measures and actions to successfully manage extensive, cross-sectoral, real-life challenges in hospitals and health industries scrutinised by students. This includes strategic management, quality management and risk management in healthcare including the appropriate tools.Furthermore, the students learn to understand and use the tools and concepts of portfolio management for healthcare industries.
Practice Project
This module is part of the thematic specialization within the study program. Students exercise the application of selected approaches, concepts and methods from the body of knowledge with respect to a practical business-related task or problem. In doing so students reflect on the relationship between theory, empirical research and practical application within the selected topical area. They acquire deep insights concerning the thematic relationships as well as the possibilities and limitations to apply theoretical concepts in a real-world business setting.
Elective II
Chose an Elective Module, based on your interests: Accounting, Change Management, Financial Management & Corporate Decisions, International Business Law or Risk Management.

Based on this critical approach to marketing, students learn to deal with tasks in the light of the particularities of an industry or situational requirements, by using different analyzes and marketing concepts. Students demonstrate this ability by independent research creating a subsequent presentation of the results. Learning outcomes are assessed with an online presentation (20 slides).
In addition to developing a detailed and critical understanding of selected areas of marketing through the integration of theoretical concepts and empirical insights, as well as their application to concrete operational issues, students also improve their instrumental and systemic skills and learn to deal with complex issues, while taking into account that not all information is available for the problem-solving process.

Strategic Management
As part of this module, students get to know influential approaches, practices and management challenges regarding the strategic alignment of organizations. Relevant foundations are being laid in online seminars. For assessing their learning results students write a student paper which requires them to get deeply involved with theoretical aspects of strategic management and to apply their theoretical knowledge to a practical case.
Public Health Management
The overall objective of this course is to create a profound understanding and awareness of thebasic concepts of health economics and health policy to develop concepts and deliver sustainable healthcare in times of scarce resources.The principles of international health politics, public health and healthcare ethics potentially in a field oftension with economic constraints are seen as the foundations of modern healthcare systems withinthe triangle of providers, payers and patients..
Financial Flows in Healthcare
This module provides an overview of the business environment of a healthcare provider. The main objective is to give students an insight into the relationship and the financial flows between the main healthcare actors – patient, healthcare providers, industrial partners and payer, whether it is the government or the private respectively social health insurance in the given legal and regulatory framework. The objective of the course is threefold: First the students gain knowledge in financing models for innovations (patent protection and alternative models); second they gain in-depth knowledge on concepts for financing healthcare provision; and third they learn to manage the concepts of reimbursement of healthcare.
Empirical Research
In this module students get acquainted with main principles of scientific empirical research as well as questionnaire design and interview guide composition. By successfully completing the module students are capable of planning empirical research projects and communicating the results in a scientific manner. They can apply fundamental rules of questionnaire design and interview guide composition to a given scenario and present their results in a written report.
CSR & Business Ethics
During this course students get insight into corporate responsibility and ethics from a multidisciplinary and multistakeholder perspective. In particular, they learn theories and practice of corporate ethics which illustrate how they can be applicable to a number of complex business, development, and policy situations in the evolving global business landscape.
The overall objective of this course is to form understanding of moral and social responsibility when making managerial decisions. In order to achieve this goal, students gain general knowledge on main ethic theories and their applications in practice embodied in corporate social responsibility concept.
Trust & Collaboration
Students obtain a general understanding of trust and collaboration with an emphasis on intercultural and historical aspects. They learn to evaluate the role of trust and cooperation for the construction of economy and society profoundly.
Students practice in usage of tools for trust and collaboration improvement presented during the module and work on approaches to regain trust when it is lost. Cultural and digital aspects are considered specifically: students gain understanding of the role of ethical leadership in improving trust in persons and institutions.
Master Thesis
The overall objective of the module “Master Thesis” is to confirm that students are able to independently conduct a research project and to write down the results as an academic paper. The master thesis and colloquium is the adequate form to comprehensively assess whether this objective has been achieved.The students independently conceptualize and write a master thesis in English.
Oral colloquium of 45-60 minutes 4-6 weeks after start of the working period to review and discuss the current status of the thesis, especially the research questions, chosen research methods incl. data assessment methods in form of a presentation in English, incl. slides and handout.

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Enrollment Conditions + Application Procedure

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Enrolment Schedule: We enrol in October of each year.

To get enrolled into the Study Program, you need to have: 1. A Bachelor Degree (of any discipline with at least 180 ECTS), 2. Two years of work experience (internships count) and 3. English Language knowledge at least on the level of B2 (>=5.5 IELTS / TOEFL>=72).

Step 1: Application
Send us an e-mail to with the subject 'MBA HCM' all required documents, which are: 1. High School Diploma , 2. Curriculum Vitae, 3. High School Diploma, 4. Bachelor's Degree including Transcript of Records, 5. Proof of Work Experience(s), 6. English Language Certificate (If you dont have one, we will test you for free and online at IULI).
Step 2: Entrance test

Our Admission Officer Diah Danuri will reach out to you to schedule a free Online Entrance Test. During the test we will evaluate your knowledge in Math, English and Aptitude.

Step 3: Enrolment
We will evaluate the results of your Entrance Test and check all your uploaded documents at IULI, SRH Distance Learning University and SRH University Heidelberg. Together with the Letter of Admission you will get an invoice and you have to pay the first semester fee.
At the beginning of your study you will get an extensive onboarding session, where our specialists from SRH & IULI will explain you all details of the study, the use of the e-Campus and some basic rules and obligations. 

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IULI certifications

a fully ACCREDITED and certified German-Indonesian university 


IULI is licensed by the Indonesian Government Directorate General of Higher Education under SK DIKTI No. 425/E/O/2014, all study programs are accredited by the Indonesian Government's National Accreditation Body, BAN-PT.


TÜV Rheinland AG is an internationally active, independent testing service provider based in Cologne. TÜV Rheinland operates as a technical testing organization in the areas of safety, efficiency and quality. IULI is certified by TÜV Rheinland Management System ISO 9001:2015 under the ID 9105083667.


ASIIN is the Global Leader in Quality Assurance in Higher Education. The DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) is the largest German support organisation in the field of international academic co-operation. Our Double Degree Programs are evaluated by ASIIN and DAAD on a regular base.


Anabin is a database for information on the evaluation of foreign educational certificates. It supports authorities, employers and private persons to classify a foreign qualification in the German education system. All IULI study programs are listed in Anabin.

SRH Berlin University of applied Sciences certifications

a fully ACCREDITED and certified German university 

Since the merger of the three already state-accredited Berlin SRH Universities and the Dresden campus to form the SRH Berlin University of Applied Sciences in October 2019, the maximum institutional reaccreditation of 10 years now applies to the entire newly founded university. The reaccreditation is equivalent to the quality seal of the former SRH University of Applied Sciences Berlin – now Berlin School of Management and Berlin School of Technology – which had already been obtained in 2015 and is valid until 2025.

SRH Berlin University of Applied Sciences has been system accredited since the 1st of October, 2019 and bears the quality seal of the Accreditation Council. This certifies that the university meets the highest standards in teaching and learning –students have the guarantee that planning, teaching and evaluation are carried out according to certified processes. As a system accredited university, SRH Berlin University of Applied Sciences is entitled to accredit its study programmes independently and with the audited QM processes. This procedure replaces the previously customary programme accreditation.

In 2018, the Stifterverband für die Deutsche Wissenschaft and VolkswagenStiftung honoured the CORE teaching and learning model with the Genius Loci Award, the only institutional award for excellent teaching in Germany. In 2012, SRH created the CORE principle (Competence Oriented Research and Education), a unique teaching and learning model based on scientific findings from learning and brain research: students work on a topic for five weeks – independently and in small groups, coached by lecturers. At the end of this period, they are tested to see whether they can apply the skills they have learned: for example, in the form of fictitious company meetings, presentations or exhibition concepts. 

Our Master in International Management has received the FIBAA Premium Seal, which is awarded to outstanding programmes that clearly exceed the quality requirements of the FIBAA. Among other things, the international student body, the global orientation of the programme, the integration into practice and the good student support were emphasised. The programme is therefore one of the TOP 10 of all accredited master's programmes in Germany.

Our university has received very good results in the CHE university ranking several times. Most recently, for example, we received very good results for our international orientation (10/12) and our high graduation rate (98.5% in the appropriate time) of our Master‘s programmes. Source: Management Ranking 2020.

SRH Distance Learning University certifications

a fully ACCREDITED and certified German university 

Our university has an unlimited official recognition by the German government and is system-accredited by the German Accreditation Council. All our German and English programmes are officially recognised by the German Central Office for Distance Learning (ZFU), and we are very proud to be the first institution in Germany receiving FIBAA’s new Premium seal “Excellence in Digital Education”.

Furthermore, we are a full member of EFMD Global, the largest international network of business schools and corporations with almost 1,000 institutional members across 92 countries.

As a university, we want to assume responsibility to tackle climate change and preserve our nature – therefore we have compensated our CO2 emissions since 2019, and are working hard on further reducing our already low carbon footprint.

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