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Fact sheet of the Online Master's program

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What's inside?

The distance learning Master’s degree in Design Management M.A. prepares not only designers and managers, but also those seeking to design professionally in their relevant field, for the interface between design and management.

You are a designer, manager or have a strong interest in design. Well-managed design processes and creative teams as well as the professional management of creative processes inspire you. This degree programme is suitable for you if you have completed a Bachelor of Arts and would like to qualify for the management of design processes.

Our Master’s degree programme in Design Management offers practical and professionally sound content that prepares you for the intersection of design and management. Through partnerships with businesses and design companies, you will have the opportunity to experience and evaluate real-world problems and solutions. Our programme combines design, management, and research methods with creative and professional practice.

As an expert in design processes, you will become skilled in using design thinking to approach problems with a creative mindset. Design processes and design thinking are used throughout companies to generate innovative solutions. Your role will be to guide these creative processes successfully, drawing on your knowledge of both creative and management techniques.

Please note that some modules in your degree program require the use of Adobe Collection, Adobe XD or a comparable software. If you do not have access to use the Adobe Collection or Adobe XD, we recommend a student subscription or the use of the public domain software gimp, Pixlr X, Photopea Online, Figma and Hotjar, etc.

You will gain fundamental insights into design thinking and problem-solving at the intersection of management, including contemporary models and theories and the skills to apply them to your environment • You will develop both management and design knowledge, as well as sound communication skills to take on leadership roles in creative environments • Using scientific methods, you will learn to design for a constantly evolving global environment • With your acquired professional and interdisciplinary knowledge and skills, you will be able to manage increasingly complex design requirements successfully and responsibly in a wide range of organisations. 

Academic Degree: Master of Arts (M.A.)

Accreditation: The program provides a high-quality university degree with 60-120 European credit points which is accredited under German law. The focus of this Masters’ level program is on applying theoretical knowledge and concepts to real-life business settings.

Certification: State approval by the ZFU (national central office for distance learning), No. 133005

Duration of Study: 2 / 3 / 4 Semesters Distance Learning on the e-Campus of SRH Distance Learning University. The duration of your study depends on your previous education and job experiences.

Language of Instruction: The programme is taught entirely in English

Tuition Fees: 799 EUR per month for 60 ECTS (2 semesters), 699 EUR per month for 90 ECTS (3 semesters), 599 EUR per month for 120 ECTS (4 semesters)

Total cost: 9.588 EUR for 60 ECTS (2 semesters), 12.582 EUR for 90 ECTS (3 semesters), 14.376 EUR for 120 ECTS (4 semesters)

Academic Year: You can start your study at the first day of each month

Credit Points: 60 ECTS (2 semesters) / 90 ECTS (3 semesters) / 120 ECTS (4 semesters)

Module Handbook: Request the module handbook via

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You just finished your Bachelor degree, got first working experiences and looking for a way to accelerate your career? Then the MBA program is the right choice for you!

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You are already working for a few years and would like to extend your knowledge to get a better paid position in your company or looking to apply for a new job in Europe? Then this program is the right choice for you!

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The Content in detail

This expertise will make you highly sought after in industries that require creative problem-solving, such as design and media agencies or product and service companies. You will have the opportunity to work in various positions within these organisations or lead creative teams as a Chief Design Officer. Your skills will open up exciting career opportunities for you to steer and guide companies towards success.


Get an overview on the management cycle. Learn everything about the Micro and Makro Environments (political, legal, economical, sociocultural & technological frameworks), about leading a company (goals, strategies and leadership, corporate governance & business goals), strategic analysis and strategic planning, Human Resource Management and the Control of processes (service creation and exploitation, operational service creation process, material management, procurement and logistics).


Learn everything about Market and Industry Analysis (tasks & institutions of market research, primary & secondary statistical data collection, market research in industrial, trading and service companies), Strategic Marketing (development stages, terms and characteristics, appearance forms, Marketing Management Process, Integrated Marketing, Situation Analysis, Strategic analysis methods, market choice & development strategies) and Operational Marketing (Product, Communication, Pricing and Distribution Policy, Brand & Sales Management, Customer Service Management, Marketing Controlling).

Change Management

Fundamentals of Change Management, History of Change Management, Theories of Change Management, Leadership in change processes, Micropolitics and power in change processes, Dealing with emotions and resistances, Phase models of emotional reactions to changes, Instruments and concepts in the preparation phase, Order clarification and organization of change projects, Instruments and concepts in the analysis phase, Analysis of strategy, culture and technical-organizational systems, Instruments and concepts in the conception phase, Goals and planning of change measures, Instruments and concepts in the implementation phase, Training and participation.

Design Management Leadership

Managing and leading, Behavioural style, Challenges for design leaders, Project Leadership, Leading by strategy, The Project Manager as Entrepreneur - Understanding Teamwork, Teams versus Groups, Leadership versus Management, Project Leadership, Change and Leadership, Leadership sideways, Leadership development, Leading the Next Generation, Project Leader Organization, Project Team Organization, Designed leadership, priciples of designed leadership, Strategic Design Method: Ask, Try, Do - principles and methods, Thinking Visually and Spatially, Designed Leadership Cases.

Decision Making, Management and Design

Kinds of decisions (strategic tactical, operational, organizational - personal), Assembly of the client team (The briefing process Shortlisting design consultants, Appointment of design consultants, Design development, design coordination and information management - Tendering and contract strategy for works contractors, Project management, Post-project review activity), From Decision Theory to Decision-aiding Methodology (Binary Relations and Preference Modeling, Formal Representations of Uncertainty, Human Decision: Recognition plus Reasoning, Multiple Objective Linear Programming, Constraint Satisfaction Problems, Logical Representation of Preferences, Decision under Risk: The Classical Expected Utility Model - Decision under Uncertainty: The Classical Models, Cardinal Extensions of the EU Model Based on the Choquet Integral - Qualitative Decision Rules under Uncertainty, A Cognitive Approach to Human Decision Making.

Design Research & Design Methods

Know the core concepts of quantitative design research like, A/B testing, Analytics – like Google Analytics, Desirability Studies, Surveys and Questionnaires, Tree Testing, Contextual inquiry, Card sorting, know the core concepts of qualitative design research like, participant observation, in-depth interviews, focus groups, experiment, survey, systematic observation - secondary research, grounded theory, ethnography, action research, practice based reseach, phenomenological research - narrative research, mixed methods.

Design Theory, Scientific Design Concepts & Design Science

Design Definitions, Design discourse, Discourse modalities, Design epistemology, methodology phenomenology, Design science/ science of design, Design history as a constructed artifact, Design taxonomies, Critical design studies.

Design Management Strategy

What is Design Management?, Why is Design Management Important?, Design Management Timeline, Managing the Design Strategy, Identifying Opportunities for Design, Understanding the Audience and Market, Interpreting Client and Customer Needs, Auditing the Use of Design, Establishing the Design Strategy, Promoting and Selling the Design Strategy, Mintzbergs 5 Ps, SWOT Analysis I: Looking Outside for Threats and Opportunities - External Analysis, Porter’s Five Forces Framework, Types of Strategy: Which Fits Your Business?, Low-Cost Leadership, Differentiation, Customer Relationship, Network Effect Strategy, Blue-red ocean strategy, Business Model Innovation strategy,  Management and Culture, Evaluating Internal Strengths and Weaknesses, From Strategy to Implementation: Seeking Alignment.

Design Systems & Designing in complexity

System definition, Elements of a system, Interaction between elements of a system, Organization of a system, System epistemology, Dynamics of processes, Description of processes, Degenerative processes, Composition of processes, Design and Systems, Designing Systems, Mental Models, System Archtetypes, Natural Systems, Artificial Systems, Social Systems, Socio-technical Systems, Complex Systems, Design space, The Foundations of Systemics, The Legacy of Norbert Wiener and the Birth of Cybernetics, At the Origins of System Sciences: Communication and Control, The Definitions of Systemics: Integration and Interoperability of Systems - The System and its Invariants, 5 Generations of Systems and the System in the System, A World of Systems of Systems, The Problem of Control, Dynamics of Processes, Interoperability, Fundamental Properties of Systems of Systems.

Project 1: Practice-based research

The module covers the following learning content: Practice based research, Practice led research, Design project management - Applied Design Thinking, Real world problem solving.

PROJECT 2: Research based project
The module covers the following learning content: Research driven designing, Design project management, Applied Design Thinking, Real world problem solving.
Knowledge of German increases your job opportunities with German and foreign companies in your own country and abroad. Proficiency in German helps you to function productively for an employer with global business connections. German is the second most commonly used scientific language. Germany is the third largest contributor to research and development and offers research fellowships to scientists from abroad.

Learn German with our highly qualified and GOETHE accredited German Teachers. We offer German language courses in the level beginner (A1), elementary (A2), intermediate (B1), upper intermediate (B2) and advanced (C1), depending on your starting level of German language.

Apply for the Master's Program

Enrollment Conditions + Application Procedure

admission requirements

These are your admission requirements:

— Completed university degree or equivalent degree (min. 180 ECTS)
— Knowledge of the English language level B1
— Design-specific basic understanding
— At least one year of practical or professional experience

Step 1: Application

Simply download the PDF application for enrolment and send it completed to with the subject 'Global MBA' incl. all required documents, which are: 1. Photograph, 2. Curriculum Vitae, 3. High School Diploma, 4. Bachelor's Degree including Transcript of Records, 5. Proof of Work Experience (e.g. references, proof of internship), 6. English Language Certificate (If you dont have one, we will test you for free and online at IULI).

Step 2: Letter of admission
We will check all your uploaded documents at SRH and IULI. You will receive an official Letter of Admission, if all documents are approved by both universities.
Step 3: Pay the first installment fee
Together with the Letter of Admission you will get an invoice and you have to pay the first instalment fee via bank transfer or Flywire.
Step 4: onboarding
At the beginning of your study you will get an extensive onboarding session, where our specialists from SRH and IULI will explain you all details of the study, the use of the e-Campus and some basic rules and obligations. 

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